2020-05-24 A Chicken Sunday Lunch, but still no walk

This morning, after my Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt breakfast, we both had toast, Christine with Silver Shred (Lemon) Marmalade and me with Hartleys Blackcurrant Jam.  Christine had a pair of chicken breast fillets out of the freezer which she defrosted for a lovely chicken Sunday lunch:

SmartPoints (WW Flex Green Plan)Calories (kcal)
Chicken Breast Fillet2138
Cranberry Sauce176
Mashed Potato2119
Marrowfat Peas087

With our afternoon tea and coffee, we had some more of Christine’s fruit sponge pudding, with the rest of the custard from yesterday and a scoop of ice cream.

Then we settled down to watch Pitch Perfect 3, followed by the Downing Street Briefing, as usual.  For. dinner, we have Giant Crumpets with our usual cheeses and lemon curd:

SmartPoint (WW Flex Green Plan)Calories (kcal)
Warburtons Giant Crumpet5179
Either cheese portion125
Lemon Curd118
Pom (Care) Bear279

Then for supper we finished off the McVities Gold Bars:

Smartpoints (WW Flex Green Plan)Calories (kcal)
McVities Gold Bar6117
Go Ahead Crispy Slices6
2 Rich Tea Biscuits2
Fibre One Milk Chocolate Peanut84
2 Lotus Biscoff74

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