2020-05-28 Another walk on Redcar Stray – Christine makes a Manchester Tart

Today, soon after breakfast, we heard a knock on the door.  When Christine opened it she found a small package – Desiccated Coconut!  Christine had been looking for Desiccated Coconut for several weeks to make Manchester Tart!  Melissa  was standing up on the path outside the front of our house.  She and the grandkids had walked round to our house from home.  Yes, Harry had walked the whole distance even though his Mam had brought his pushchair.  Sophie had pushed some of her dolls in a prom too!  Josh just brought himself.  We stood suitably far back and chatted, it was great!


Then we drove to Redcar again, parked in the same area, but walked down to the path directly overlooking the sea.  It’s the same path Rodney and I used to walk with his dog Sam (RIP), dropping down to the beach when the tide was out.  We stayed off the beach but it was wide enough to keep social distancing, except when the other party didn’t try, like several bikers!






When we got home I made Giant Crumpets for a late lunch:


WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Warburtons Giant Crumpet5179
Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese125
Lemon Curd118
Care (Pom) Bear279

After lunch, I fed the birds with the only bird food we have at the moment – fat balls!



While I was doing this, Christine made a start on her Manchester Tart. She used Jus-Rol ready rolled pastry, cutting two disks, to fit two tart cases, a bigger one for Melissa to have some.  Geoff picked it up on his way home.


While making the tart, multi-tasking Christine also started on roasting a Gammon Joint for dinner.

This was delicious.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
2 Slices Gammon Joint3158
Poached Egg2148
Sliced Pineapple057
Asda 30% Less Fat Creamy Potato Salad121

After clapping for heroes at 8pm, we had our supper, which obviously included some Manchester Tart (7 SP, 107 kcal).



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