2020-05-30 We walk to Normanby – Christine bakes a coconut cake

Today, after breakfast, we walked up to Normanby as I wanted to check on the hairdressers.

The notice on the door said there were closed until further notice and to check the Facebook page (‘Dawn and Tony’s Barbershop’).  There they quote the government (Dominic Raab) saying that hospitality and ‘personal care services’, such as hair and beauty salons and barbershops will not be able to reopen until after 4th July.  So I may need to ask Christine to step in again and work her magic on my hair!!

Once home Christine made a coconut cake using some of the dessicated coconut Melissa had brought round yesterday.  I made Pineapple Cottage Cheese on Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbreads.






With our afternoon tea and coffee, Christine split the coconut cake intwo and added some blackcurrant jam and the rest of the cream she’d whisked yesterday,


Christine planned on making burgers for dinner, to use the lovely buns she bought at Family Shopper in Normanby.


The burgers were defrosted from some Christine had made a few weeks ago!

For supper with our final Earl Grey Tea and Azera coffee,  we had the rest of the coconut cake (with jam and cream).


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