2020-06-01 I order a new Renault Zoe Iconic – Pork Pie for lunch

Today, while Christine went shopping, I rang RMB Renault in Darlington to check that they were open.  They were, so after brushing my teeth and shaving, I got the Toyota Yaris hybrid our of the garage and drove to Darlington.  Although I’d had no recent contact from the showroom, my plan was to check on purchase options for the different car options I was considering, place an order and check out test drive options, which I knew would be more complicated during coronavirus outbreak.





As it turns out, I was unable to have a test drive today and they will contact me with a date and time.  It takes about 3 days for the test drive car to desanitise between test drives.  I asked if the Technology Pack with extra parking sensors and displays could be added by the dealer.  Apparently not, so I ordered it with the Technology Pack.

When I got home, Christine had forgotten my Benecol Yoghurt Drinks, so we went to Morrisons where she found a lattice pork pie on a ‘whoops’, with today’s date, so we bought it and had it for lunch.

WW Green Plan SmartpointsCalories (kcal)
Vale of Mowbray Lattice Pork Pie13536
Morrisons Vegetable Crisps2130

The social distancing was not so well implemented at Morrisons as it is at Asda.

Christine used the rest of the pork joint to make pork in pitta with salad for dinner, delicious.


WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Stonebaked White Pitta4155
Asda Bramley Apple Sauce120
Mixed Salad015

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