2020-06-03 Too Wet to Walk, so Christine makes a Corned Beef Stew – Zoe ordered for 1 or 2 weeks

Graham at RMB Renault, Darlington rang to say he had found an Iconic with Technology Pack in a different colour and, although it was more money, I asked him to order it.  This means deliver could still be on for 1 or 2 weeks, rather than 3 or 4 months!

Today, it was too wet and cold to walk anywhere.  After breakfast, while I was brushing my teeth, there was a knock at the door which Christine answered.  Asda had delivered the rest of the tablets I didn’t order!





In view of the weather, Christine made a Corned Beef Stew for lunch.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Christine’s Corned Beef Stew8393

While making the stew, Christine also made a Fruit Salad, which always cheers us up with our afternoon Tea and Coffee.

When Graham’s email came, confirming the order, the copied description didn’t mention Technology Pack, so I replied to the email asking him to check.

For dinner, I did soup and sandwiches, using some left over Corned Beef, with Branstons Small Chunk Pickle.






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