2020-06-09 We walk and shop in Redcar – Burns Road Fish and Ships for Dinner

Today I tested my old Action Cam (I gave the Wimius to grandson Josh). It is bin day, so I shifted the Toyota and put out the General Waste Bin.  This also allowed Christine to put the washing out.  Once the washing was finished, we drove to Redcar where I tried to get an appointment at Specsavers (you have to phone for one) and we shopped in Morrisons.





We came home with a muffin tray and different sized cake cases.





Christine made BLTP for lunch (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato in Pitta).

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
White Pitta Bread4155
2 rashers Fat Trimmed Bacon1194
Reduced Fat Potato Salad2105


For dinner, after hearing that Burns Road Chippy had opened last week, we finally gave in.  I went and bought Fish and Chips and a Pattie (Fish and Potato Slices) for Christine.  We shared the chips and Christine made mushy peas

I had a MERG North East Area meeting on Zoom at 7pm.

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