2020-06-10 I buy cruise excursions – Zoe charge port problems

After a not too successful attempt at using the Action Cam for vlogging, I switched to the Panasonic G80 SLR which proved more than up to the task. Its just a bit large for taking out around town or walking (except on holiday, of course).

After an email from Royal Caribbean informing us that the excursion (and other) discounts on our cruise were ending soon, a phone call to Royal Caribbean assured us that, if the cruise didn’t go ahead, we’d be refunded for the excursions.  We’d sorted out which ones we wanted earllier this year, so I went on the web site and ordered our excursions for the October cruise.


Christine made a Gammon Joint for lunch, with Poached Egg and Pineapple Rings.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
2 Slices Gammon Joint3158
Poached Egg274
New Potatoes258
Sliced Pineapple057
Green Beans027

After lunch, I emptied the recycle bin which was overflowing and had a delivery from Amazon.






The package was the charger and spare batteries for my old Action Cam, though I may end up buying a better second hand one, after seeing the resultant footage and out of sync sound.

A series of emails in the afternoon told me that BP Chargemaster weren’t satisfied with the state of the incoming fuse from the grid and I contacted Northern Powergrid, who asked for a photo then arranged for an inspection next Wednesday AFTER WHICH they’d discuss the necessary work!  This will seriously delay the installation of the home charge port by BP Chargemaster.

For dinner, I made Soup and Sandwiches and we had Blue Riband (blast from the past) for supper






WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
1/2 can Heinz Minestrone163
1/2 can Heinz Vegetable367
2 slices Warburtons Wholemeal3110
1 slice Gammon Joint279
Branstons Small Chunk Pickle116


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