2020-06-11 Lockdown walk to Normanby – Christine bakes Butterfly Cakes

Today between gaps in the rain, we managed a walk to Normanby, where we bought extra oranges, a card and some birthday gifts for Geoff, our son-in-law.  It’s his birthday tomorrow (12th).






When we returned home, there was a parcel from China (via Amazon).  It was Christine red spaghetti spoon!

For lunch, we had a Gammon Salad, lovely!

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
2 slices Gammon3158
30% reduced fat Potato Salad153
Mixed Salad015


Christine made use of the cake baking tray she bough recently with a lemon cake mix and some buttercream icing.










For dinner, I made Cottage Cheese with Pineapple on Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbreads.






WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
1/2 tub Asda Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple2113
2 x Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbreads390
Walkers Baked Sea Salt Crisps3102

We had a butterfly cake each for supper.





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