2020-06-17&18 A Cemetery Walk – I Get a New Google Pixel 4 – Bacon Wrapped Chicken

On Wednesday, for breakfast, I had porridge and Christine had muesli.  Soon after breakfast, a DPD driver dropped off a parcel, taking my photo and the parcel on the doorstep in lieu of a signature.

It was my new Google Pixel 4, obtained using my contract upgrade from my SIM only Unlimited contract, stepping it down to a 24GB contract with the phone.

Shortly after, inspectors from Northern Powergrid came and examined our incoming fusebox.  They determined it needs replacing and will return next Monday to do the work.  They were togged out in full PPE with a full face mask and screw on air filters.  Their voices were muffled and a little difficult to understand.

As soon as they’d gone, we went for a walk, returning to the cemetery which is a nice quiet, sheltered walk.

Lunch was Asda Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple on Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbread with Walkers Oven Baked Sea Salt Crisps.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Asda Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple2113
2 x Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbread390
Walkers Baked Sea Salt Crisps3102

Then for dinner, Christine made Chicken wrapped in Bacon, which was quite delicious.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Chicken Breast Fillet2133
Stuffing Ball263
2 x New Potatoes258

After checking WW SmartPoints and Calories, I found I had enough for a Tassimo Oreo Hot Chocolate.











On Thursday, with my Corn Flakes breakfast, I had some HUGE black grapes!

For lunch, Christine made a Spaghetti Bolognese (Asda had no Linguine).






For dinner, I made Poached Eggs on Toast.

After dinner, Christine went in the kitchen and had a WhatsApp video meeting with her friends.  We had a late delivery from Amazon.  It was a case for my Google Pixel 4, so I could stop panicking about dropping or scratching it!

After fitting that, we had McVities Trio biscuits supper.






Christine had her favourite Fibre One Peanut Popcorn Bar with two Rich Tea biscuits and I had a Go Ahead Crispy Slices


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