2020-06-20->22 Christine bakes Chocolate Butterfly Cakes – I see our new Zoe – We shop in Redcar

On Friday, after breakfast, we had a phone call from Melissa to see if we could find a black and red case upstairs where we are storing stuff from their old house.  I found it and she came round to collect it.  Then I emptied the kitchen bin and replaced the liner.





Christine made some Chocolate Butterfly Cakes, using the Mary Berry Chocolate Cake recipe she used before.






For lunch, we had Cheese and Tomato in a large bun, with some salad.

For dinner, it was Soup and Sandwiches, with Heinz Minestrone and Heinz.   We had some corned beef sandwiches with Branstons small chunk pickle.

For supper, we had one each of those butterfly cakes and Christine added some Black Cherry jam, making them like Black Forest Gateaux!






On Saturday, after Blueberry Porridge for breakfast, I went off to RMB Renault in Darlington to see my new Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic R135 with Technology Pack.






That means it has the more powerful motor (135hp) and the larger portrait mode screen and more parking sensors (including a rear facing camera).

When I got home, we picked up the camping chairs and the bigger box of chocolate butterfly cakes and took them to Melissa’s where we sat in the nice warm back garden and chatted while drinking tea and coffee and eating chocolate cakes.  I swapped the old Samsung S9 for Josh’s Wimius L3 Action Cam, to use in the new Zoe.






When we got home, while Christine made a Pork Lunch, I tested the Action Cam.






For dinner, we had Warburtons Giant Crumpets and, for supper, we finished off the Chocolate Butterfly Cakes we’d saved for ourselves.






On Sunday, I had Greek Style Yoghurt with black grapes, and we both had slightly overdone toast, as I’d left the toaster set for crumpets!






After breakfast, we drove to Redcar, visiting Morrisons and Bon Marché.






Once home, Christine made Corned Beef Stew, using the remainder of the Corned Beef.

With our afternoon tea and coffee, Christine had made a Fruit Salad, to which I added 2 bananas.

Its Father’s Day and Matthew had posted a card, which included a Google Store gift voucher (since I got a Pixle 4!).  In the afternoon Melissa (and Sophie) came round with a Fathers Day card and present (a lovely short sleeved shirt).  They also brought a painting from Harry, which now has pride of place on the fridge.  The blue splodge is meant to be a lion.






For dinner, Christine made one of her BLTPs (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato in Pitta.

I had enough calories left for a Tassimo Cadburys Hot Chocolate, which means Christine had a Tassimo Kenco Americano Grande.







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