2020-06-22&23 Electricity fixed – We shop in B&Q, Outfit & Next – I test the new strimmer

On Monday, Northern Powergrid came and fixed the incoming fusebox, replacing it with a very nice 80A trip.







During the morning, I was having an email conversation with Graham at RMB Renault in Darlington, including answering my insurance query, sorting out the finance and our registration.

Having heard that Skippers Lane a.k.a. Cleveland Retail Park had opened, we went there.

Our first stop was B&Q for a new, electric, strimmer.   Then we went to Outfit and Next where Christine had some outstanding gift vouchers I’d bought her for her birthday shortly before lockdown.






Christine bought 2 tops and a dress, which she tried on when we got home.






and the dress:

The strimmer I bought to replace our petrol one that won’t keep going more than a few seconds, is the Bosch ART27 (without the wheel!), a 450W mains electric unit.

Then it was lunch time and we had Asda Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple on Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbreads, with Walkers Oven Baked Crisps,

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
Asda Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple2113
2 x Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbreads390
Walkers Oven Baked Sea Salt Crisps3109


For dinner, Christine made Prawns In Pitta, with a salad and some vegetable crisps.

WW Green Plan SmartPointsCalories (kcal)
White Pitta4155
Asda Vegetable Crips554

For supper, we had Granola Squares (6 SP, 148 kcal). Christine had 2 x Rich Tea at 1 SP each and I had 2 Oreo Thins for 59 kcal.






On Tuesday, Christine’s friend Karen came round and dropped off Christine’s belated birthday presents.






Meanwhile, I set up the Bosch Electric Strimmer I bought yesterday and did the strimming left over from the last time I mowed the lawn.

That made me hungry for a late lunch of liver and onions

Later on, I made dinner of Soup and Sandwiches, using Pek Chopped Pork and Branstons Small Chunk Pickle.






Then for supper we had some more vintage McVities chocolate biscuit, a Trio each (5 SP, 124 kcal) with Christine having 2 Rich Tea biscuits for 2 SP, while I had 2 Oreo Thins for 59 kcal








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