2020-06-24&25 A Hot Walk in the Cemetery – I Pick Up my Renault Zoe

On Wednesday morning, it was “SCORCHIO!” so we wanted a cool walk.  I suggested the cemetery.






For lunch, Christine made Cheesy Beans on Toast.













Unbeknownst to me, Christine had made a Fruit Salad which we had with our afternoon tea and coffee.

Then it was time for me to go to RMB Renault in Darlington to pick up my new Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic R135 Rapid Charge with Technology Pack!











With minimal interaction with Graham (Social Distancing), I signed over the Yaris, paid the remaining deposit and drove it away.  The test drive had helped immensely.  There are only a couple of features of the GT Line test drive car missing from mine, like fully closing mirrors.

When I got home, it was close to dinner time and Christine was too warm to cook, so she ordered our usual (!) from Bianco’s Pizzeria and I went up to collect them.

Unfortunately Christine was too eager to eat her Donner Kebab for me to get a photo.

For supper, we finished off the Blue Ribands which are 4 SP and 99 kcal.

On Thursday morning, RMB Renault dropped off the Granny Charger.

This is on loan until my Home ChargePoint is fitted (next Tuesday).












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