A Trip to Redcar to switch Christine’s SIM to a nano

WhatsApp have finally stopped Christine’s Blackberry Classic from writing posts! I had a Blackberry Priv (Android 6) backup phone ready for such an occasion. But it uses a Nano SIM where the Classic uses a Micro SIM. So straight after lunch we headed to Redcar and the Vodafone shop.

Here they gave me a Nano SIM for Christine’s Blackberry Priv after copying her account details onto it. It had registered before I left the shop,

I’ve had a cheque in my wallet for a couple of weeks for overpaid tax returns d from my Scottish Widows ISA when I closed it. I finally got to pay it in today.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip anywhere without looking in a few clothes shops, starting with Miss Lilly’s

Of late, Christine and I have taken to looking in charity shops where you can find a high quality garment at a knock down price. I bought my favourite T-Shirt in one, so we popped in YMCA for a look. We didn’t find anything this time and Christine remembered she wanted some more size 16 jeans from Bon Marché.

Unfortunately they have a different range of jeans in now and the only blue ones in her length had elastic aged waist and she doesn’t do elasticated waists!

Finally, we popped into Morrison’s on the way back to the car for Bananas, bread, milk, Benecol Yoghurt Drinks, grapes, spring onions and some tinned fruit (in Juice of course) which Christine has been using to supplement our fruit salads that she makes. We were also looking for car screen wipes but it seems Redcar Morrison’s don’t do them, Then on home.

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