A Visit to the Dentist

The plan was to go to the Dentist in Normanby for a 2:30pm dental exam and scale and polish. Then I would go and pick up Josh and Sophie from Bankfields School at 3:10pm to take them home to their sick (and tired) mother, Melissa. 

Unfortunately there was a ‘dental emergency’ according to the receptionist and it was around 2:55pm when I had to ask Melissa if I should cancel the appointment. She said no and had to drag herself out and pick them up herself.  I felt very bad, but it seems she hasn’t been throwing up today, just feeling very tired. 

When I finally got in to see the dentist, he called it a ‘difficult extraction’. I had mental images of blood everywhere, but it must have been tidied up by the time I got in!  As I came out after the scale and polish, I got a message from Melissa to say she’d got them just fine!


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