Outing to The Parkway Shopping Centre

On Sunday, we met up with Tony, Rodney and Wendy, later Richard and Nicola, for lunch, after a quick shop at Tesco in the Parkway Shopping Centre.  We decided then to come back for a more leisurely stroll round the shops there.  Today we did that.

After parking the car near Tesco where we’d shop later, we went through that entrance and headed right for the Shopping Centre. We’d decided we wanted to check out the Charity Shops.

We started with Teesside Hospice shop but they had nothing Christine liked.

Next was Age Concern, where I had bought a T-Shirt at their Pickering shop on Tuesday. They had some good stuff and Christine tried on a black dress, suitable for a formal night on a cruise, but it squashed her top half, so she didn’t buy it.

Lastly it was British Heart Foundation, where we were unable to find anything.  There was an overly large Sprayway walking top and some nice shirts but I have plenty of shirts.

Then I went back to the car for some shopping bags while Christine went to the loo in Tesco. 

We met up at the clothes section after I’d looked in the tech section (iPads to be precise) at the top of the travelator, but Christine couldn’t find anything she liked in the sale, so we went downstairs to the food shop. Christine guessed the cost of the shopping at £60, I guessed £55 and it was actually £38!!

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