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Sunday Dinner at Cross Keys

Christine’s starter was Farmhouse Pâté My starter was Stilton in Peppercorn Mushroom Christine had a Roast Turkey main with a pig in a blanket and Cranberry Sauce My main was a Trip of Roast Meats. Beef, Pork and Turkey, with Cranberry sauce.

Today’s Small Shopping Trip

My favourite shop, even though they haven't updated the Scan and Shop to use the new QR code on the key fobs. First, the 16GB SD Card for Christine's camera (hiding under the shopping list) then the fruit and veg. Next was my Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt which I have every Sunday, except when … Read more

We ❤️ Altrincham!

We checked out about 11am from our hotel in Chester and went to Altrincham, parking in the Tesco Extra Car Park. From here, we walked over the bridge into Altrincham centre and to the mall behind the high street. First stop was this charity shop where Christine looked at tops and I looked at T-shirts … Read more