We ❤️ Altrincham!

We checked out about 11am from our hotel in Chester and went to Altrincham, parking in the Tesco Extra Car Park.

From here, we walked over the bridge into Altrincham centre and to the mall behind the high street.

First stop was this charity shop where Christine looked at tops and I looked at T-shirts and some jackets. We both came away without anything, though.

Monsoon had a sale on – Christine got very excited and in we went. She bought a lovely dress for half price. About £39.

Clarks had a sale on too, but Christine couldn't find anything she liked.

We checked out River Island, as with Christine losing loads of weight, she can now get into sizes that they sell.

Next it was onto Marks & Spencer where we had lunch. Christine has noticed before that M&S Café sell fruit, so had a filter Coffee and a banana.

I had an Earl Grey tea with a Fruit Scone with a scraping of Flora on it.

Then we had a message from Matthew to say they were in and we could head over there and them and the Grandkids Beth and Emma. That was great fun. Matthew told us he had 40% discount vouchers for the George and Dragon Gastro Pub nearby. So when it got to tea time, we all went over there.

We have been here once before with Tony and Mam. It's a lovely place.

I had Chicken wrapped in bacon on a bed of mashed potato.

Christine had a Beef Salad.

To follow, we both had Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt with Strawberries. Gorgeous.

After the meal, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

We stopped off once, at Heartshead Moor services. Then straight on home.

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